Choosing Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

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19 Apr 2017

In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world, it is crucial that your business demonstrates an awareness and interest in the health of the planet. The promotional products you choose will represent you and your business, so creating a positive impression is essential. Eco-friendly products make a valuable impact on your customers and demonstrate to the world that you are a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible brand.

While the traditional choices of promotional products like branded pens, coffee cups, and calendars may have served you well enough in the past, they do not provide the kind of impact that eco-friendly items can. These new products are truly the future of promotional gift marketing, so choosing them over your traditional picks will serve you well for years to come.

If you incorporate energy saving techniques throughout your company, recycle all of your paper and other office waste, encourage your employees to carpool, and opt for eco-friendly light bulbs in the office, why shouldn’t your promotional products be in keeping with this ethos? The fact is, your potential clients or customers may not be aware of this aspect of your business. Using specific environmentally conscious promotional products at trade shows, corporate events and product launches will give you the chance to proudly display your eco-credentials while expanding recognition of your brand. In 2017, this kind of eco consciousness will only reflect positively on your business.

Fortunately, the industry has evolved to allow plenty of room for eco-friendly promotional products, so sourcing these items will be no trouble at all. You can stock up on branded tote bags made from recycled materials, recycled paper note pads, and other waste-free products that won’t end up in a landfill. If you opt for eco-friendly products that can also be used over an extended period of time (a stylish tote bag is a good example of this) then you will also guarantee that the product gets plenty of use, reducing overall waste and improving your company’s carbon footprint. Comfortable t-shirts made from eco-conscious materials are also a great choice, as they provide utility and quality while showing your customers that you care about the planet.

Best of all, this transition is simple and cost-effective. You will be able to find plenty of environmentally friendly promotional products right here on Ezitag, all offering great value for money and made from materials that are bound to impress even the most discerning environmentally aware customers.