4 Creative incentives for your employees

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6 Feb 2014

Keeping your employees motivated can be one of the hardest challenges that you can face as a business owner or manager. Get it right and your employees will work to their full potential and help your business to thrive and grow; get it wrong and you'll end up with unmotivated employees and a dent in your profit margin. We've put together a few suggestions as to how you could motivate and reward your staff.

Employee of the month 

It's important to recognise great work and reward your staff accordingly. However, don't just reward the employee that made the most sales, try giving 'employee of the month' to someone who has made a great improvement or achieved a personal goal. If all employees know that they are eligible for the award then they'll be motivated to keep striving for it.

Goal-based incentives

By offering individual, team based, or company-wide goal-based incentives for your employees you can help them to stay motivated and complete the task or project within deadline and on budget. Things such as dress down Friday, a team night out, treating them to lunch, or bringing in sweets and treats are all great rewards that show your staff that you value their hard work.

Corporate perks

Contact some other local businesses such as gyms, leisure centres and restaurants to see if they are able to offer any corporate discounts. Find out what kind of deals your employees would be most interested in and seek out appropriate offers, for example, discounted membership at a local gym.

Seasonal gifts

The months leading up to Christmas tend to be a particularly busy period for any business. It's likely that you'll be asking a lot from your staff, so it's only fair that they get rewarded for their hard work. A Christmas gift or a paid-for Christmas night out is a great way to thank your employees for all their hard work throughout the year.

 Good luck with 2014 and remember...