A little creative thought can go a long way

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18 Jan 2016

Being “hydrated” is now seen by many as an essential component of our busy lives. No matter where we go, we are seen with our bottled water. Whether it’s at the footy, at a trade show or at work, the water bottle is ever present.

Due to its high visibility, the humble water bottle becomes a perfect promotional product opportunity. And the fact that it’s reused over and over guarantees on going promotional presence, and ensures the water bottle being arguably the most cost effective promotional product.

So how do you maximise the promotional benefits of a product where everyone’s bottle and content is the same? The answer is an attractive and compelling label. Make your water bottle stand out, be appealing, and people will be more likely to reuse it, with ongoing promotional benefit to you. Also consider that it costs no more to print a great design than it does to print a rubbish design. A little creative thought when designing your label can be very rewarding.

So why not take advantage of the water bottle’s promotional opportunities and contact EziTag now? Are staff are fully hydrated and waiting your call.