Clever marketing with promotional bags

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10 Mar 2017

Promotional Bags: Walking Billboards

Promotional products can be anything from free pens to advertising on the back of supermarket receipts. Since the range of ways you can promote your brand is so huge, it is important for you to do your research and choose the way that is best suited to your needs. Many small businesses choose to use promotional bags.

What are promotional bags?

A promotional bag can be anything from a fancy, reusable bag with your business name, logo and colours, to a simple plastic bag with your brand on it. They can be given out when customers purchase things from your shop, and can act as semi-permanent advertising. And the best thing? The customer probably won’t even realise that they are acting as an advertising agent for you!

Why use promotional bags?

Promotional bags are cheap, easy, and they are a great way to get your business name out there! There are a number of reasons why you should choose promotional bags with your brand on them, including:

  • They are very cheap. A basic promotional bag can be as simple as a plastic bag with your brand on it, and shouldn’t cost a whole lot more than the plain plastic bags that you would use anyway.

  • They have the ability to reach huge numbers of people. Although you may not realise it, a single plastic bag with your brand on could reach hundreds of different people during the hours following a purchase. If the customer continues to walk around the mall for a while, everyone they walk pass can potentially become exposed to your brand. If even one of these people comes and buys something from you, then the advertising money is money well spent!

  • You can create an image which people can recognise and identify with. Some of the most recognisable brands in Australia owe their famous image to smart branding and clever marketing. If you shop at any of their stores, you will notice that they ALL use promotional bags. It is logical that this therefore contributes to their success in some way.

So why haven’t you ordered your bags yet?

You would be stupid not to order promotional bags for your small business or shop. They are a simple, straightforward way to market your brand, and are used by nearly every single successful shop. Turn your customers into walking promotional billboards today – why wouldn’t you?