Do not let your conference be a heart stopper

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23 May 2014

Pound for pound, a name tag is the most important thing at your conference by a very long way.

How far? We’ve never measured, but it could be as much as four kilometres.

It really depends on how large your next most important conference inclusion is. Say it’s your keynote speaker. And say your keynote speaker is Clive Palmer. And so you go for an ultra-light name tag... You get the picture.

A name tag can have a profound influence on the success of a conference. They say perception is reality, and a Wall Street Journal article last year on conference nametags said that “the quality of a badge often predicts, with incredible precision, the quality of an event.”

So what makes a ‘good’ name tag? That really depends on the type of conference you’re intending to hold.

Nobody wants the first thing their attendees see once they enter a conference venue to be cheap and flimsy to the point of being obnoxious (what we in the trade refer to as the Kyle Sandilands Effect). At the same time, not everyone has a budget that allows for a card printed in glorious full edge to edge colour, magnetised so as to avoid clothing damage. And even if they do, magnets aren’t entirely risk-free. They’ve been known to interfere with pacemakers - and nothing ruins a networking opportunity faster than the sudden lack of a functioning heart.

Sticky labels, at the other end of the price spectrum, are a good option if you’re on a super-tight budget, but not so ideal when they start to come away and your conference attendees begin to resemble Australian rules football umpires, disconcertingly and frantically patting at themselves instead of enjoying your corporate shindig.

We could go on. And on and on.

There are dozens of options and sometimes the choice can seem daunting. But as long as you take your tag choice a little bit more seriously than we take our blog and FB articles, you’ll be right.