Eye catching promotions to win business in 2016

EziTag Systems

4 Jan 2016

Why do companies hand out items with their company’s name on it? To get noticed of course. And what is the best way to ensure this form of advertising is effective? By choosing items which are actually going to be used, and not simply stowed somewhere and forgotten. But what does make a good promotional item, and which ones will never recoup the money you spent on them? To be fair, any publicity is good publicity, and no item is completely ineffective. But some items do stand out from the pack.

Bottle opener

Relatively cheap to produce, a bottle opener is small enough to be taken anywhere by most people. Anyone with a keyring will have no problem adding it to their key collection. With the growth of imported beers into Australia, the handiness of always having a bottle opener on hand is invaluable. It will most often be passed around to the people you are drinking with, with most people taking note of what is printed on top. Round table discussions often follow, with your company being the topic of conversation.

Loyalty card with key tags

Everyone loves getting something for free. Some people dedicate whole chunks of their lives to sniffing out bargains. So whilst giving someone a small piece of plastic may not seem like much, its possibilities are endless. With these free gifts, it won’t even cost you money if you are receiving repeat business – after all, this is really what you are after. Coffee shops are a dime a dozen nowadays, but if you can have a customer come in through your doors, you want to ensure you are then able to bring them in tomorrow as well. A loyalty program can help you obtain this goal, with your initial outlay on this gamble being very minimal.

Custom-made water bottle

How many people’s desks do you see without a water bottle or coffee mug on it? Very few I’d suggest. These are all opportunities for you to place little billboards across a work environment. People constantly have to renew their disposable, supermarket drink bottles due to discoloration or for health reasons. Giving them this gift can put this thought into instant effect, as people will want to wash their robust water bottle for use again tomorrow. A fresh bottle will take center stage on a desk, with a bright label introducing your brand name to anyone within their vicinity.