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22 Sep 2014

I was at the movies last night and before the movie started we were reminded to turn our phone off or put it in silent mode. This got me thinking about how the rapid growth in technology has impacted on our business and personal lives over the past decade or so.

Driven by smart phones, tablets, lighter and more powerful laptops, cloud apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more, our lives have changed dramatically. And nowhere is this more evident than how Conferences are managed.

At EziTag we have embraced this change by developing and introducing up to date systems to assist PCO’s to more efficiently and economically run their events. But we have been conscious of not introducing change for change sake. The products we’ve developed are practical solutions for PCO’s every day needs.

XpoTrack is an inexpensive App for Exhibitor’s own smart phones, tablets and Internet connected laptops to capture lead generation from Visitors to their stand. Exhibitors no longer need to hire a device costing several hundred dollars. Instead they use their own devices to access the Visitor’s data located in the cloud. This captured Visitor data is instantly available to all the staff on the stand and staff at head office too. The sales leads can be contacted immediately by phone or email.

Specifically programmed for professional accreditation scanning. Let us do the reports.

ShowGizmo incorporates all the lead capture features of XpoTrack, but adds delegate surveys and polling, customised delegate agendas, programs, and a host of other features.

DENSO Delegate Track scans delegates in and out of seminars. It can allocate Professional Development points. At the end of the Conference the PCO’s client is given Excel reports of attendance by delegate and seminar. Our system can also prevent unauthorised entry to a seminar.

On Site Name Tags can be produced at the Registration Desk using inexpensive computers and printers hired from EziTag. The conference data is pre-loaded into the EziTag Name Tag Software Program before being shipped to the PCO. Extra names can easily be added on site and badges printed.

So as I set my phone to silent before the movie I thought of the many PCO’s bumping in on Sunday night with our technology products and I decided I had to hold the phone in my hand so I could feel it vibrate. Offering 24/7 phone support for our technology products from a cinema has totally changed the way EziTag does business and the impact on the personal lives of our staff.


Specifically programmed for professional accreditation scanning. Let us do the reports.
Want those last minute name tags printed on site? Ask us how.
Lead generation software with your own device. Cost effective and secure.
Offers a iPhone, Android and mobile web app for promoting events.
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