Four Tips for Designing Conference Supplies

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21 Jul 2016

Keep Your Conference Supplies Simple but Engaging

Your conference booklets and supplies should not be overwhelming, complicated or too inundated with information. Conferences can be fast-paced events with lots of different speakers and sessions, so you want your audience to be able to get the info they need and use the supplies effectively without much effort so they can spend more time taking in your content. Keep titles short and easy to ingest. Balance text and images effectively so there is not too much of one or the other. Supplying a conference booklet that consists of massive blocks of text is not effective. Instead, insert photos, graphics and designs that help convey your message.

The most important information applicable to your conference should be collected and structured thoughtfully into short and easy to understand chunks to make each attendee's experience streamlined and simple.

Know Your Audience and Cater Your Conference Supplies to Them

Each conference is different and is meant to attract different types of people. The supplies meant for college painters or elementary school teachers will have a much different look and feel than a conference for NASA rocket scientists or heart surgeons.

Take a close look at the fonts you use and their style, size and colours. Large fonts are typically best as your attendee’s may be walking around while using their materials and larger text is much easier to read at a glance. Always err on the side of ease of use rather than an interesting or unique design. Black or dark text on a white background is preferable to almost any other combination.

Decide if your conference is about fun and networking, or about delivering high-level information. You may want to take a more analytical or clinical approach over something youthful and playful. Keep in mind that the former doesn’t mean that the conference materials and supplies have to be uninteresting or dull.

A conference targeted towards business people or scientists may have a more serious tone, fewer images, a more sophisticated colour scheme and rely on communicating in a more linear fashion. Use charts and graphics to communicate when possible

Professionalism and Usefulness Is Key

While keeping all these other design concepts in mind, your conference supplies should be as professional as possible. They will represent your company, brand or organization and may be kept as mementos long after the conference is over. Professionalism should be imbued into any wording, graphic representations and layouts. A simple and clean design that is easy to read is paramount to maintain professionalism.

Also, take a while and consider what will be useful to the particular people at that conference. What do you want them to do? If you want them network, chat and talk, name tags are essential. If it’s a more fun event, you may want completely customizable name tags. If you are hosting a conference for more business-oriented people, maybe you should print all the nametags out beforehand. If there are multiple events or sessions, consider a schedule they can carry around and consult easily. If the sessions take place in different areas, make sure to include a map. If there will be documents or paperwork given out, consider getting file folders from your conference booklet printing service.

Make Sure to Be Consistent with Your Brand and Message

It is important to maintain consistency across products. When you go to print your conference supplies and materials, make sure you use a similar design theme for all the materials. Here is a checklist of items to make sure you included on your supplies when possible:


  • The logo for the conference or company hosting it

  • Your brand’s colour scheme or theme (i.e. include plant or earthy designs if it is a conservation conference, etc.)

  • Your brand message or mission statement

  • An area to thank sponsors of the conference

  • Contact information for the conference or company hosting it

  • Links or information about accessing social media so attendees can post about the conference as it’s happening

As you can see, planning conference supplies takes thought and consideration. Make sure the next time you are looking for conference printing solutions, you turn to Ezitag systems.