Gain support with printed wristbands for your fundraiser

Promotional Products

EziTag Systems

29 Sep 2016

Promotional wristbands are used to communicate a message, for fundraising, for school rewards and for a variety of other uses. The most popular promotional wristbands we supply are silicone wristbands, slap bands and recently sweatbands.

All of these wristband items can be customised with your message, logo or imagery. We supply the highest quality custom made promotional wristbands with a focus on utilising the finest materials and most effective print method.

The purpose of a promotional wristband is to communicate a message. When relating this to a fundraising initiative, the message is most effective when presented on a band in a short concise manner. Custom wristbands allow you to choose your desired colour and text.

Custom Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are by far the most popular and widespread type of promotional wristband used in Australia. When purchasing your band or sometimes referred to as a bracelet, be sure to check the size options as they are available in adult, youth and child. They can also be purchased plain.

Silicone wristbands are used by schools and organisations as a promotional tool and it is common to see people wearing multiple wristbands to show their support of numerous causes.

Slap Bands and our latest PVC Reflective Style

Slap Bands are a modern an exciting alternative to silicone bracelets. Who does not love the feeling and sound as the bendable band comes slapping down around your wrist. The Slap Band actually curls around when applied making it a very popular promotional tool due to its interactive nature. The PVC Reflective Slap Bands are making headlines with their safety function, perfect for those people outdoors at night and looking for reflective gear.

Sweat Bands are easily Banded.

Sweat Bands have become one of the biggest sellers in Australia, primarily due to the health and fitness craze that has hit Australia. With an increasing number of personal trainers, 24hr gyms, fun runs and outdoor lifestyle events run by local and state councils, fitness related items like sweatbands, bang sticks and water bottles are providing popular branding items.

We can supply custom printed sweatbands with a low minimum order quantity of 100 in a variety of colours. Brand these to your business and enjoy exceptional levels of public exposure.