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11 Mar 2015

Promotional products have been used for a very long time. They’re a tried and tested way to increase brand recognition and generate leads. Some people think they’re old hat and relatively redundant now-a-days but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here we’ll look at how promotional products can benefit your business.


Most forms of modern advertising are an expensive investment. There are few advertising techniques out there as cheap as offering promotional products. Depending on the product you choose you can pay small amounts for quite effective advertising campaign. We’ve all received promotional pens and bags, and more often than not they’ve proved useful whilst at the same time jogged our memory of the company we received them from.

They last a long time

Unlike most conventional forms of advertising promotional products linger for quite a while longer. A TV advert for example will only run for a set amount of time. A promotional product however will be used consistently over a long period. How many times have your found a pen give to you by a company sat at the bottom draw when you were searching for something to take down a quick note? Promotional items usually have more value to the recipient than the actual value that you bought them for too. Things like pens, USB sticks and bags come in handy at some point or another which triggers a recall of your business.


Because these products are generally quite cheap to get hold of, you’re able to give them away at trade shows and conference events for nothing. There’s no word more powerful than ‘free’ in the whole marketing landscape. People will jump at the chance to get something for nothing and so you’ll soon find people are taking interest in your business just because of the free promotional products that you are offering. It’s also the perfect opportunity to spark up a conversation with a potential customer. I guarantee that their ears perk up at the word free and it’s now your change to get selling. 

They’re passed on

Providing the product that you choose is useful, chances are it will be passed on to recipients’ friends and family members. No other form of advertising has the same outreach as promotional products, gifts or giveaways.

Brand recognition

Like anything, the more you see something, the more likely you are to remember it. If you’re promotional product is being used regularly you’re going to find that the brand is becoming instilled in the users memory.

A survey conducted by Promotional Products Association showed that 88% of people recalled the company that was on their promotional product. It also found that 85% of people eventually did business with an advertiser after receiving an item.

These figures can’t be argued with and show that, contrary to popular belief promotional products work, and they work as well as they ever have.

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