If it can go wrong it will eventually

PCO Updates EziTag System News


21 Mar 2014

Professional Conference Organisers or PCO’s as we call them, plan their events thoroughly. They tick all the boxes, have Plan B’s in place and keep their clients fully informed of the status of their event. All very professional and nothing is left to chance. Or is it?

Recently EziTag had a frantic phone call at 7PM from a Melbourne PCO who was setting up a conference in Sydney. She explained that the Registration hardware we supplied wasn’t working, or to be specific, the name tag printer wasn’t working and registrations opened at 7AM the next morning and she had to have everything set up by 6AM.

This is what we call “McKenzie’s Law” which basically states that Murphy was a supreme optimist!

From dealing with this PCO for more than ten years, we knew that they do everything by the book and are an extremely competent and professional company that maintains excellent relationships with their clients, who use them for all their events year after year. And yet, at the last minute at this particular conference, chaos had erupted. How do you run a conference without name tags?

EziTag keeps its equipment up to date, but despite this here was a brand new printer that wasn’t working. Theoretically it’s not possible but then I remembered McKenzie’s Law and had to accept that the best laid plans of mice and men etc. can and will come unstuck – eventually.

How did EziTag resolve the problem? One of our dedicated staff members was sent back to the office, checked that a replacement printer was working, packed it and then delivered it to the airport and put it on the next plane for Sydney. Having remembered McKenzie’s Law, the clever staff member even packed a second printer. The PCO received the replacement printers in their hotel at 2AM in time for the 6AM setup.

So, despite everyone’s best efforts, PCO’s cannot foresee everything that may go wrong. And sooner or later it will. But what you can do is use Service Providers who can get you out of trouble when “McKenzie’s Law” prevails.