Is Wine at Christmas an ideal gift for clients

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20 Nov 2014

Is Wine at Christmas an ideal gift for clients?

It seems to me that today’s society is always itching for a chance to be offended and to make a complaint. Usually these complaints are over trivial matters. What can seem like a perfectly innocent Christmas gift to clients as a way of saying “thanks” can be a disaster if you choose the wrong gift? So is a lovely bottle of wine in a nice presentation package politically correct and how do you choose an appropriate gift?

RULE NUMBER ONE: I have five adult children, all well-mannered, successful, and I’m proud of all of them. About 10 years ago one of our supplier’s hand delivered a Christmas present. It was a book titled “How to raise teenagers”. It offended me as I took it to mean I was doing a bad job with my kids. This supplier made a Rule Number One error. He used his personal beliefs and values to decide what to give clients for Christmas. This is a huge no-no. Don’t use your personal tastes when deciding on Christmas gifts.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Everyone’s different. There is no gift that suits everyone. Members of AA will not appreciate a bottle of wine, or even liqueur chocolates. On the other hand wine lovers will thank you for the bottle. People with peanut allergies won’t appreciate a gift box of exclusive peanuts. Classical music lovers won’t appreciate a jazz CD. And on and on it goes. So how do you decide?

RULE NUMBER THREE: Know your clients. If you’ve been regularly networking with clients you’ll understand their preferences and what they’d appreciate as a gift.

They say it’s the thought that matters. But does it if there’s no thinking? So a nice bottle of wine in one of our printed wine bags will be a great gift for many, possibly most clients, but only for those you know will appreciate it and not be offended by it.