Light Up Your Wrist This Festive Season

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15 Sep 2014

Light up your wrist and order now to beat the Christmas rush!

I yearn for the good old days when EziTag stocked only one variety of Wristband, which was a simple waterproof and tamper evident Tyvek Wristband. But In recent years we’ve seen an explosion in the varieties of Wristbands we need to stock. Silicon Wristbands, Plastic Wristbands, 3D Moving Wristbands and Holographic Wristbands are just a few of the many types we now stock. It seems our warehouse is bulging at the seams with Wristbands demanding to be placed on some-one’s wrist.

And just when we thought we had all the varieties we need in stock, along comes another new type of Wristband, an LED Wristband. At the risk of our Warehouse Manager handing in his resignation, the LED Wristband is so good and useful that we have to make room for it.

Our GEL Light Wristband pulsates with LED lights making them highly visible in dark environments. So it’s an easy way to identify if any “rogues” have snuck in as they’ll not have a flashing Wristband. Also they’re bright, colourful, funky and add to the excitement of your event. To add value, we can print your corporate or sponsors logo on them.

Festivals, music gigs, gala dinners or any event that needs a bit of pizazz to brighten things up and add security are ideally suited to EziTag’s GEL Light Wristband. These LED Wristbands are like glow sticks for adults.

Maybe I’ll have to re-think my definition of the “good old days”.