Love of the Tech Gadget AKA Branded Phone Accessories

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EziTag Systems

13 Feb 2017

Branded items have become a huge trend in recent years as small businesses look to capitalise on as many different marketing streams as possible. Branded technology and accessories are a great way to passively advertise your business, or to get other people to advertise it for you. Nearly everyone carries a mobile phone on them. Use a branded phone case or cover to ensure that people around you are constantly being exposed to your brand. Alternatively, add your business name to your tablet case or other accessories in places where people will see them regularly. Just some of the things you can place your brand on to increase the impact of your passive advertising include:

A silicon case:

Silicon phone cases are simple, basic, and tough. They are easy to use, and cheap to produce. They offer a clean, flat surface which is perfect for printing your brand logo or name on. If you are lucky enough to have a stylish name or brand logo, then you can even sell these cases: while you may not necessarily make much money off them, they can provide a free, passive stream of marketing which won’t require further financial or time input!

Your headphones:

While headphones may not necessarily be the simplest or most obvious object to print your company name on, the market for them is huge. All you need to do is buy branded headphones and sell them to your customers or clients (or even better, give them away for free!). Headphones are something people use every single day, and nearly everyone owns a couple of pairs. The market for them is huge, and people will be reminded of your business and what you do every time they use them.

Your tablet cover:

More people than ever own things like tablets or iPads which are usually protected with a hard case. Placing your brand name or design on this is a great way to advertise and market your business. Give one to each of your employees, family members, and close friends to advertise passively and without a high cost!

Final word:

In the modern world of technology and mobile phones, branded tech gadgets are becoming one of the best ways to advertise your business. If you can get people to use accessories with your name or logo on them then you have all of a sudden generated a passive stream of advertising which will continue to work without any further time or financial input.