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21 Sep 2015

Paper Bags are such in an integral part of our daily life that we barely notice them. Whether it’s our shopping, gift, conference or expo activities, we just take them for granted. There are so many types of bags - for example, conference bags, promotional bags, printed paper bags, expo bags, retail bags.

So when our clients need a common printed paper bag, they simply assume they’ll be easy to get. But this is where it gets tricky.

Most suppliers are reluctant to carry stock, because the minimum economical shipping order is usually a container holding many tens of thousands of bags. Holding stock in the hope of getting orders is an expensive business.

With this in mind EziTag has worked hard to ensure we have in stock what you want, when you want it. For example our R&D asked, “What are the most popular styles”? “What are the most popular sizes”? “Can we custom print them economically”? “Can we supply and print small orders”? “Is the print quality acceptable?” We even had to ask “Is our warehouse large enough?” “How much extra pallet racking do we need?”

Finally we asked “what factors drove our sales success with lanyards and name tags?” The answer was our decision to carry large stock holdings. EziTag carry stock of more lanyards and name tag holders that any other Australian supplier. Fast delivery is what our clients want. We have used this experience to form the strategy behind our R&D into the paper bag market.

Our R&D was conducted over the past two years, resulting in our decision to carry large stocks of quality paper bags in Australia. Why not contact us for details on how we can help you?