Making the delegate experience positive

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22 May 2015

It is the responsibility of conference organisers to ensure the delegate experience is positive. After all, you do want them to return next year, right? So how do you make the experience positive? The answer is there’s no single thing you can do. It’s a combination of lots of small things.

One of these small things is to make it convenient for delegates to quickly look up where their next seminar is being held. As they rush from one seminar to the next you don’t want them fumbling through their conference satchel to find their conference program book; look up the day and time; and find where they have to go next. EziTag have a solution for this – the Pocket Program.

The Pocket Program is a summary of each delegate’s conference schedule containing the seminars they’ve chosen and the rooms they’re held in. Printed in full edge to edge colour, it can be customised for each delegate. When printed it’s either a bi-fold or tri-fold mini program, the same size as the name tag, and sits in the name tag holder behind the name tag. It’s easily and quickly within reach of the delegate and is a fuss-free method of delegate’s working out “where to next”.

It’s a simple solution that helps make the delegate experience more enjoyable.