Musing Over Combo Deals

EziTag Epistler

EziTag Epistler

20 Apr 2015

There was a time long ago when I ordered “one fish and minimum chips, and a can of coke please mate”.

Apparently this method was much too hard for customers and vendors decided they’d think for us and offer “Combo Deals”. So now I have to order a “Super Scrumptious Grilled Hake Combo Deal with free drink”.

Much to my surprise this new Combo Deal marketing seemed to work as more shops offer these deals. Yesterday I saw a Pet Combo Deal, where you buy a cat and get a free dog, plus a discount voucher for a Super Scrumptious Grilled Hake Combo Deal.

As I write my email just offered me a “Flaming Deal”. Believe it or not it’s from a hotel booking agency and they believe offering flames with my accommodation is going to win me over. Midnight Oil’s beds are burning springs to mind.

It’s madness and yet - customers must like it because the market of course only offers want customers demand. If customers said “hang on I only want a cat” then the Combo Deals would die a silent death. Why give away a free dog or a burning bed with flames?

This explains why EziTag has caught this marketing trend. We can now proudly offer you a Name Tag Combo Deal. You’ll save money, and possibly go on our mailing list for a discounted Super Scrumptious Grilled Hake Combo Deal.