Nude dance your way to better branding

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19 Mar 2014

Everyone loves a freebie. Irrefutable fact, eh? Actually, not quite. Everyone loves the concept of a freebie. The freebie itself - the item you’re giving gratis - is not automatically loved.

I love the idea of free cherry Danishes. (I’m slavering like one of Ridley Scott’s aliens right at this moment thinking about them - and I’m saying that in all sincerity, not like a Master Chef judge.) But I don’t love free cherry Danishes that are six days old, and whose custard resembles a dry river bed of snot.

Same goes for promotional products

Ends and means

Giving away stuff for free is, by definition, not cheap so you want to make it worth your while. The mistake a lot of people make is not seeing the forest for the trees - the trees being putting your name on a product your conference attendees can take home, the forest being branding that leaves people thinking about your organisation positively.

We encourage all of our clients to cavort in the Branding Forest (preferably naked and dancing like 90s-era Billy Connolly), or at the very least to avoid standing outside it counting trees.

All publicity isn’t good publicity

Slapping your logo on any old product and forgetting about it is the way to go if you think the old adage that all publicity is good publicity is both correct and tweak able so that it holds true when you exchange the word “publicity” for “branding”. We don’t think it does.

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve tested a USB flash drive and had it break almost immediately. If you’ve put your name on that item, you’ve suddenly associated yourself with crap. Same for pens. Your logo is no use in the bin, which is exactly where it will go if the pen you printed it on that never worked.

Strip down, readers. It’s time to go dancing in the forest.