Our budget lanyard range has just landed

EziTag Systems

12 Jun 2015

The fall in the A$ has resulted in significant price increases of all imported goods with promotional products being hard hit. Consequently suppliers such as EziTag are searching for cheaper pricing to offset the impact of the A$. As part of this process, we’ve looked at our high quality Lanyard range and asked “how can we get cheaper pricing without significantly lowering our quality standards?”

We’ve determined that the core quality element of a Lanyard is the fabric and print quality, and these two elements are “untouchable”. So to achieve savings, we’ve looked at the other lanyard elements such as the attachment and the packaging.

Our research indicated we could use cheaper attachments (hooks, clips, etc.) without impacting on the overall perceived quality of the Lanyard. A few cents saved at the Asian source, means significant savings after Freight, Duty and Currency Conversion are applied. The great news being that you can still choose the type of attachment most suitable to your needs.

As you know, our standard Lanyard Range is supplied on “tangle free cards”. In fact we were the first to introduce these cards in Australia. However, the tangle free cards do not add to the quality of the Lanyard. They are essentially part of the packaging and if we deleted them and supplied in bulk, then considerable savings accrue.

All of which means we have introduced a Budget Lanyard, with cheaper attachments and supplied in bulk minus the tangle free cards. For your peace of mind, the attachments are guaranteed for 12 months. So if you have an event or promotion that requires a little cost trimming these budget lanyards are a perfect way to reduce cost.

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