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10 Jul 2014


In 1991, there were no professional commercially available name tag software packages that met our client’s needs or ours. So EziTag wrote some specifications and had a program written for us. We’ve progressively updated the program as Operating Systems and our clients’ needs changed. We call this software “ExpoPrint” and when you hire our inexpensive computer and printer for your conference it comes supplied with ExpoPrint, custom sized name tag inserts and a printer setup and ready to print one-off name tags.

We print the bulk of the name tags in our office from Excel data you supply, but you print the late delegate name tags or badge changes on site using by hiring ExpoPrint, computer and printer. You can even print the barcodes if your event is using them.

But ExpoPrint does more than just print name tags. We use it internally to control scanners you hire from us and produce your conference seminar attendance reports. It can also create CPD points for professional accreditation. Another application of ExpoPrint is Access Control where you want to control who is entitled to enter a seminar or other event and prevent unauthorised entry.

Connected to a suitable digital camera, it can capture photos for conferences and print photo name tags where a high level of security is required, with just two mouse clicks.

Over the past 25 years EziTag has spent around $100,000 creating and modifying ExpoPrint to meet our client’s needs. The end result is a program that can either be used as a simple name tag printing tool by our clients on site, or internally where we unleash its full power.

In 1991 we had no idea where ExpoPrint would eventually lead us. But as the saying goes, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” and ExpoPrint has given EziTag a wonderful 25 years.