Pretend you are not human and you are a promotional item. What would you be and why

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9 Sep 2014

Pretend you’re not human and you’re a promotional item. What would you be and why?

What if there really is an afterlife and you were born again as an inanimate object such as a promotional product. Assuming I had a say in the matter, and based on my life as a human that’s up for debate, then what would I choose to be?

The most popular promo item is a printed TShirt. But it’s not for me. Imagine smelling body odour all day. Yuk! Maybe I could be a printed pen, another popular promo item. Now this is getting more like me. I could be the implement of the next Orwell, Clancy or even Shakespeare. Or did old Will use a feather and ink? And Clancy probably uses a computer, so a pen’s ruled out. I’d be put in a desk drawer and used only for birthday cards. Tough question this one! Maybe a USB stick would let me be the keeper of some-one’s secret data. I could have lots of fun being a USB or as I’d prefer to be called - a Flash Drive. But I think I have the answer! I’d come back as a Luggage Tag. I’d be looked after by business travellers who care for their bags. I’d travel the world free of charge. I’d meet new luggage tags everywhere I went so I’d have lots of new friends. The world revolves around travel and I’d be the centre of the universe. Yep. That’s me, a Luggage Tag. With a logo of course so I’d look pretty.

What would you be?