Printing name tags with Microsoft Word

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EziTag Systems

26 Jun 2014

Microsoft would have us believe that printing conference name tags using Microsoft Word is a piece of cake. And it is, if you have a double degree in “nuclear physics, and hand feeding salt water crocodiles”.


But whenever EziTag has a need for a software solution, the first question we ask ourselves is “what do the professionals use”? For example, we need graphics programs to edit the logos you send us. Do we use cheap programs like Windows Paint? No, the experts use the Adobe graphics suite, so that’s what we use.

Don’t misunderstand us, EziTag knows you can print conference name tags using Microsoft Word, but the questions are “how long will it take you”; “what compromises will you need to make” and “will your printer print individual name tags”? But you’ve got a conference to run so could you be doing something more useful?

This is where EziTag steps into assist you. We offer several name tag printing solutions.

Let’s start with our best first. We produce “fully produced name tags” for you. These are ready to wear. About a week before the conference we supply you with a mock-up of the proposed name tag for approval. You send us a file of Excel or csv data within 2 days of the conference (plenty of time for late changes) and we deliver 24 hours before your conference starts.


All name tags are sorted alphabetically and supplied in our name tag boxes. We also supply blank name tags pre-printed with your conference logos for walk-ups or changes. You can also hire our inexpensive onsite laptop and printer with custom software for the walk ups and late changes.

Alternatively we can supply all your name tags printed with logos only and you use Microsoft Word to print the names etc. These are supplied as A4 sheets with perforations so they can be easily separated into individual name tags.

Finally, we sell plain A4 plain name tag inserts with individual perforations. You print everything.

So should you use Microsoft Word or EziTag to produce your name tags with fast turnaround and stunning print quality? It’s a no-brainer.