Promotional Product Trends and Predictions in 2017

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EziTag Systems

20 Jan 2017

Branded promotional products are a great way to market your business, generate leads, and grow awareness around your company. If you want to truly maximise this opportunity, ensuring that your promotional products are in keeping with current trends is key. Keep an eye on these trends for 2017 and try incorporating them into your marketing strategy as soon as possible.

  1. Technology, and more technology: Tech-related promotional products were big in 2016, and they’re only getting bigger this year. In today’s rapidly evolving consumer environment, customers want gadgets that they can use every day to make their lives easier. The more high-tech, the better. These items may be slightly pricier than the non-tech related alternatives, but they’re sure to draw consumer attention to your brand. What’s more, if the gadget is something your customer can use from day to day, they’ll be reminded of your brand on a regular basis. We predict that power banks will be a major player this year thanks to their general utility and forward thinking tech benefits.

  2. Quality clothing: The branded t-shirt may seem a little old school, but it’s also extremely useful to the customer. Quality is the key when it comes to promotional clothing in 2017. Think comfort, strong design, interesting graphics, and a wearable style. Sweatshirts, t-shirts and gym wear all provide an ideal palette for your promotional branding, so think outside the box and offer something better than last year’s product.

  3. Eco-friendly products: The global trend toward environmental conscious is a positive one, so it’s crucial that brands get on board and keep their promotional products in line with this ethos. Choose products made from sustainable or recycled materials, and make sure that the branding displays the product’s eco credentials clearly so that the consumer is informed. Millennials in particular respond well to brands with a conscience, so market yours proudly. It’ll improve the standing of your brand in your customer’s mind, and say positive things about your company ethos.

  4. Higher value: The promotional product you choose to give away should represent your brand. If you opt for a low quality, inexpensive product, this is sure to reflect negatively on your business. The product should be durable, useful, and have an impact on your customer. Higher-value products automatically have more impact, and present a strong image of your brand that will have staying power. Think of it an investment.