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10 Apr 2017


One of the key benefits of promotional products as a marketing tool is the vast array of opportunities throughout the business year to put them to use. While they make ideal advertising tools for customers, they can also be a great way to increase your brand’s standing at corporate events. When attending conferences or simply organising events for your own company, promotional products can be put to good use.


Launch Your Product In Style

Product launches are the perfect moment to utilise promotional products as part of your business’s marketing strategy. While the focus of your product launch event will be introducing your new product to the media, investors and the market at large, incorporating promotional products will add extra interest and incentive for those present.

Choose items that complement the product you’re presenting. For example, if your company is focused on technology and the product launch is focused around introducing a new tech product to the market, make sure your promotional products are in keeping with this theme. As always – quality is key. The quality of the promotional products you choose will reflect your business and boost the value of the particular product being launched, so consider your options carefully.

Boost Enthusiasm Through Team Building

Team building exercises and corporate meetings and events are a great way to boost the sense of community across your employee base. Branded corporate clothing will improve company morale and give your employees a sense of unity, while quality office supplies with company branding are appropriate to the environment. Corporate apparel is often particularly appreciated when incorporated into team building events, as they offer your employees an easy option for work wear and show them that they are appreciated for all they do.

Build Your Brand At Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the most popular venues for promotional products. This is the place where the professionalism and quality of your brand can be demonstrated most successfully, and promotional products are a valuable tool to make this happen. Tech gadgets are a particularly popular option for trade shows thanks to their utility and psychological impact on the consumer, but any good-quality and useful item will help improve your brand’s image. Get creative with your trade show promotional products to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Get Your Supplies Right At Conferences

You may not think of conference supplies as a promotional product, but they certainly can fall into that category. If your business is hosting a conference for other members of your field, the products you supply for your guests will reflect on your business and brand just as other promotional products do. Your supplies should be professional, carefully branded and cover everything that those attending will need in order for the conference to be a success.