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29 May 2014

We all know that Albert Einstein invented the theory of relativity. But did you know he also invented the “cat door”, that small hole where your cat can get In and out of the house? Sometimes the simplest of ideas are so obvious that we wonder why nobody thought of it before.

At EziTag, we don’t employ any Einstein’s, but we do like to explore different ways of doing simple things better, and so in a moment of inspiration we asked “why do conferences and meetings have separate name tags and agendas”?

And that’s how the “All in One Name Tag & Agenda” was created.

The “All in One” is a simple concept that prints your delegate details, a summary of your agenda and even a map of the venue, all on one name tag size paper insert.

A simple and effective money saver! What are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us for a quote.