Simple but effective uses for lanyards in six great ways

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7 Feb 2014

They might only be simple and made from a woven ribbon of polyester, but lanyards find widespread use across the world, in both the corporate and the leisure sectors. So let us take a closer look at how they are used, and who uses them...

Exhibitions and conventions

Look professional manning your exhibition stand and make a big impression with prospective clients and customers at the convention by having those vitally important details about yourself held firmly around your neck with a lanyard. Conventions can be huge, full of thousands of people vying for attention - so if your name is not clearly displayed for everyone to see, you might as well not be there at all.

Concerts and events

Whether it is for the staff, for the talent, or for those lucky VIPS, at music events and other staged events, lanyards are perfect for helping people backstage know who is who, who should be where, and who should not be anywhere at all.

For guests and open days

Got guests coming to look around your business? Showing prospective new students around the department? What better way to introduce everyone to each other and keep track of them than to present them with lanyard-affixed ID badges.

For your valuables

Forever misplacing your keys, or losing your wallet? Attaching them to a lanyard allows you to better keep track of things. Your forward thinking precaution taking might also deter those would-be thieves from having a go too.

Freebies and gifts

Send custom-printed lanyards to clients to clients as gifts, and include them in your customer orders. You should never underestimate what a freebie can do for you and your business.

Sports officials

Well, where else are you going to put your whistle? We have a massive selection of unprinted lanyards ready for express delivery.


Simple But Effective Uses for Lanyards In Six Great Ways from EziTag Systems