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18 Jun 2014

EziTag was born in 1989 in the spare bedroom of Jeanette Poon and Mark Rae’s house, went to primary school in the garage and graduated high school by moving into the first of two offices we were to use over the next 20 years.

The initial inspiration behind EziTag was discovering the development of the first desktop printer that could print plastic cards. Once we saw it we immediately thought “wow, we can print identity cards, loyalty cards and plastic name tags on this little printer”. So we purchased one and EziTag was born.

Since then EziTag has achieved some notable achievements:

  • Before digital cameras were widely available in the mid 1990’s and using a combination of analogue video cameras, computers with custom software developed internally by EziTag in 1990, we captured facial images from an analogue device and converted them into digital format then printed them on student photo identity cards. We believe this to be a world first.
  • Using our systems, EziTag was awarded a contract by the South Australian Department of Transport to issue student transport concession cards.
  • EziTag’s R&D developed the what we believe was theworlds’ first full colour sublimated lanyards using a totally digital process.
  • EziTag developed “ExpoPrint” a Name Tag production software solution that also incorporates complex capabilities in the areas of scanning delegates in and out of seminars and attendance reports back to the Event Organiser.


EziTag continues to innovate with its latest purchase of printing equipment we’ve adapted so that it offers conference and meeting clients a one stop shop for event printing.

“Once you stand still, you’re actually going backwards” is what we believe in.