Top Promotional Products To Reward Your Staff

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21 Nov 2016

If you need to find a way to show your staff that management appreciates their hard work, promotional products could be your best bet. These gifts are a great way to improve a sense of loyalty within your workforce, while reducing turnover rates and providing additional incentive to maintain positive results. Choosing the right promotional products will ensure that your gifts are received in the best possible light and have the most impact on your employees.


Corporate Apparel

There’s no reason to restrict your promotional product gifts to the arena of incentive rewards. Include your whole company by providing corporate apparel at any events you hold for your business. This can include a holiday party, team building events, group retreats, and even outings like golf trips. Branded apparel shows your employees that they’re all part of the same inclusive team, and that you appreciate the great work they do on a daily basis. Keep the apparel professional and comfortable, and make sure your logo is proudly displayed to spread brand recognition.

Provide Awards As Rewards

We all remember how great it felt to get special prizes at school as a kid, and this feeling doesn’t go away just because we’ve entered adulthood and the working world. They may seem cheesy, but engraved trophies, certificates, and plaques will demonstrate your appreciation while giving your employee a chance to show off their hard work. Reserve these particular products for high-achieving staff members who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty so ensure that they retain their meaning.

Stock Up The Kitchen

Your office kitchen is a great spot to include some promotional items that will boost corporate morale and encourage a sense of fellowship. You can buy branded coffee cups and stock the kitchen so that every employee has their own mug with their company brand proudly displayed as they sip. Commemorative coffee cups that mark a particular landmark or event in your company’s history will add a special touch.

Get Your Employees Travelling In Style

Travel items are a strong choice of promotional product to reward your employees with if travel is a large component of their work. A branded laptop case, professional luggage tags, and travel mugs are all inexpensive but highly useful. They’ll also ensure that, while your employees travel, your brand is displayed all around the country, or even the world. Choose good quality travel items to make the best impression on your employee and their clients.