What are the advantages of loyalty cards

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14 Feb 2014


Loyalty cards are fantastic marketing and promotional tools, so let’s take a look at some of the ways a loyalty card scheme can benefit your business, help you grow and see greater returns on your investments.

They help you hold on to your customers

People need incentives if they’re to repeat any action they perform. So how are you going to keep your customers from going elsewhere? You offer them incentives. Loyalty cards are a great way of keeping your incentives in the minds of your customers. They’ll catch a glimpse of your loyalty card in their wallet each time they open it, and they’ll think of your brand (whether they realise or not).

They win new customers

Once enough people know about your loyalty card program and the benefits of signing up for it, you’ll start increasing your market reach. So how can you spread the word? Offer promotions for existing customers which reward referrals. Give incentives to your customers to recommend your services to their friends.

They aid successful marketing campaigns

Loyalty cards which require registration are a fantastic way of getting to know your customers. You’re able to build up a database of useful customer information and use it to drive your marketing strategies. The information you gather will enable you to better target specific customer groups with more relevant promotions.

They enhance your brand

Loyalty cards can help you stand out from the crowd, and will distinguish you from the competition. Remember that the key to a successful loyalty card scheme is in the quality of the loyalty tag or card itself. Get hold of high-quality cards that your customers will want to keep and carry round with them.