What does it take to organise a grand opening

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13 Feb 2014

Grand openings aren’t really what most people think they are. Grand openings aren’t actually so concerned about the opening of your new business or the introduction of brand new products to market. They’re about reaching out. They’re about grabbing the attention of the people around you in your local community who matter. So here’s how to create a big impression and organise a successful grand opening.


Pick the right date and choose the right time

You need to sit down and plan this well ahead of the ceremony itself. But don’t be overly concerned about holding the grand opening on the exact same day that your new business actually opens its doors. When it comes to grand openings, it’s the symbolism that’s important.

Think carefully about who to invite

Look to influential members in the community. Invite your staff. Think of those business associations and representatives of other businesses in the area. And don’t forget the press. Send out personal invitations through the post, and make the most of social media to spread the word publicly. But give yourself enough time. You should ideally send these out a month in advance and follow them up a week before the grand opening with a personal phone call.

Pay attention to the details

You must consider where the most appropriate location for your grand opening is. If it’s to celebrate a new office building, then the obvious choice would be outside the doors to the new building. But it isn’t always this simple. You also need to think about who’s going to do the talking? Who’s going to introduce you to the community and be the spokesperson for the business? And what are they going to say? Work out the agenda and know the times that your opening is going to stick to. The ceremony itself needn’t be any more than 20 minutes, and should end with the cutting of the ribbon. And choose the appropriate accessories. Ceremonial gold plated scissors are only small but they go a long way in establishing your reputation.

Don’t stop at the invitations

Inviting the right people isn’t the end of it. You also need to work at getting the right level of attention. You need to be heard. You need to market yourself. Hire advertising space on a billboard. Get on the airwaves with a radio advert. Place flyers in letterboxes. In short, do everything you can to get your name out there and using branded gifts and giveaways work well too.