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19 Nov 2015

A useful custom printed gift is a bit of an oxymoron eh? Well no.

If you put some thought into it, then these gifts can have a lasting value. And that means your message or logo has long term promotional impact. Let’s look at some common products and how you can make them work for you.

As we approach the New Year, we all start to think about customised calendars and we usually accept traditional photos of landscapes or similar. But consider this. More than 30 years ago I produced a promotional calendar on archival paper featuring articles and photos from a 100 year old newspaper; “The Argus”. Today 30 years later you occasionally see them sold on eBay. That’s what I call “bang for your buck”.

We all put contact information on our magnets - big deal. Why not make your magnet stand out with exciting full colour photography, logos, catchy phrases and trendy statements? “2016 – The Year of the Monkey”. Your customers will display your magnet with pride and keep it for years.

Even the age-old Bookmark can be brought into the 21st century with a little imagination. “Who wrote the rule they all have to be tall, skinny and rectangular”? Be bold; try different shapes, wild imagery, some words from classic literature, etc. Remember, some people still read books. Not everyone uses an e-reader, and the bookworms will love your bookmark and use it every day.

Speaking of age old products, consider the notepad. Now some of you will think they’re old hat and no longer used. Wrong! Many people always have a notepad on their desk or in their pocket and those that do use them constantly. So, with a bit of flair you can custom print them with lovely border graphics, logos and a call to action. They have to be square or rectangular right? Well…. No they don’t. Be brave.

Mouse mats are another product where you can think outside the square. These days they can be printed in full photographic colour in low volume runs. So, how about printing a calendar on them? Just sayin’.

And as it’s nearly Christmas, and since we all love a drink, we should give praise to the humble stubby holder. What better way to put your message in some-one’s hands? Your customers will drink to that. Just make sure the stubby holder has some exciting full colour graphics and helps sell your message.

So as you can see; gifts can be useful. Just take a deep breath, think creatively and don’t ask yourself “why”. Ask “why not”?