Why Print Catalogues Are Still Relevant In 2017

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28 Mar 2017

In the aftermath of the 2008 global economic recession, many companies made cuts from their marketing budgets to make ends meet. For some, this included the elimination of their catalogues, a historically popular marketing option with decades of success. Fortunately, in recent years we’ve seen a major resurgence of the print catalogue from businesses around the world. This may seem surprising, given the technology-driven world that companies are currently operating in, but there are plenty of good reasons to keep the catalogue alive.


Benefits to Keep Your Printed Catalogues

For one, print catalogues have a much longer shelf life than other alternative forms of marketing material. Take, for example, the email newsletter. Most companies send newsletters out with information about their latest sales and images of new products, but how effective are these forms of media? While a customer may open and subsequently delete an email in a matter of seconds without giving it much notice, a catalogue sits in their living room for weeks on end, giving the brand plenty of time to make an impression on the customer.

Catalogues are also a great marketing tool in terms of their measurable impact. It can be difficult to track the success of advertising campaigns, but catalogues make the process simple. Your company will know exactly how many went out, how many enquiries were made from customers who’ve received the catalogue, and how many orders went through. Many businesses find that their catalogue is a great way to direct traffic to their websites, with customers heading online to get more information after seeing something they like in print. You can also target particular demographics when you send out catalogues, tailoring your mailing list in terms of age group, gender, buying history and income level.

Catalogues allow your customers to make an emotional connection with your brand. You have plenty of freedom when designing your catalogue, so there’s an opportunity to play with design and content to create a specific experience for your customer. Some companies use their catalogue as an opportunity for quality content marketing, creating a glossy magazine style booklet that offers stylised fashion shoots, home design shoots, and articles offering advice that incorporates the products into the content. Through this medium, customers can interact with the brand on a personal level, while being exposed to products they may not have considered purchasing before.

If you decide to pursue catalogue marketing, we offer tried-and-tested small run options so that you can consistently send out new content on a regular basis. This will ensure that your marketing material is always fresh, and will keep your customer base fully up to date at all times.