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DelegateTrack confirms access, tracks attendance and provides real time reporting on our handheld device.

These devices are very fast and staff will find them so easy to use. Scan without the need to push buttons, so you can eliminate lengthy waits at your check points. Find Out More
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XpoTrack allows you instantly to access lead information and profile customer interests at conferences and events

Using your internet connected mobile device or even a laptop computer each member of your team will be able to access information about the attendees at your next exhibition event or trade show Find Out More
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Why Use EziTag Systems?

EziTag's many years of experience makes us ideal for providing quality advice and expertise, working with you to ensure your requirements are met. We build relationships with our clients, getting to know their business and its culture, enabling us to then deliver products of the highest standard. This unique approach to conference supplies makes us the leader in our field, with many of our clients returning time and time again. Why Use EziTag Systems? Find Out More