Conference Delegate Name Badges in Australia

Name Tags - Display Accessories

Carry Case 180 Capacity

The Ulitimate in Name Tag Cases, this case is made from aluminium and weights approx 5kg's. It holds..


A-Z Indicators for ET Carry Case

A-Z Indicators for ET Carry Case or the Cardboard ID Rack..


Delegate Registration Box

A heavy duty box with built in handles. Suits envelopes up to C5 size. Supplied Flat..


Large A-Z Indicators

When you have lots of delegates for a large event or conference, these make the registration process..


Economy Card Box with 6 sleeves & racks

This low cost cardboard box has been custom designed to accomodate 6 ETRACKS with each Rack inside a..


Rack Insert- Plastic for ET180 Carry Case

A must item for the ET 180 Carry Case - A-Z indicators sold seperately ..


Name Tag Box Large Reusable

A lightweight and easy to transport name tag case that can hold up to 50 name tags and perfect for o..


Box - Cardboard for 1 ID Rack

Box - Cardboard for 1 ID Rack..


Box - Cardboard for 2 ID Rack

Box - Cardboard for 2 ID Rack..


Box - Cardboard for 3 ID Rack

Box - Cardboard for 3 ID Rack..


Rack - Cardboard Name Tag

Our convenient disposable cardboard racks and boxes are designed to be safely shipped. Ideal for off..


Large Disposable Name Tag Box

Suits the larger size name tags. The base and lid can both be used on the registration desk at your ..


Have you ever turned up at an event to see the name tags randomly spread out across a table where you spend ages trying to find your name? Ensure your delegates can find their name badges quickly using our range of organisers. We even have carry cases for those that serious about name tag storage.