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3D Moving Images (Lenticular) - INDENT ONLY - POA

Lenticular wristbands are not only completely customizable but they are also a great solution for revenue protection, customer identification, and ID verification where alcohol is permitted. Easy to find in a crowd with colorful designs, these wristbands are the perfect security and promotional tool to make your event a success. Customize your wristbands with a venue promotion or upcoming special events, in combination with main sponsor information for great exposure to all advertising and promotional necessities. Why not use full-on sponsorship wristbands, and offer your sponsors a 24/7 in-your-face promotional opportunity? Print a "bounce back" promotion that allows guests to use their wristband as a coupon or ticket for your main event sponsor! Sponsors and Advertising Departments currently use wristbands for: Controlling Admission (sports games, concerts, charity events) Guest Registration (Multi-day use) Age Identification (verifying ID, preventing under-age drinking) Group Identification (Schools, Tour Groups and Birthday Parties) Offering Discounted Future Visits (Tyvek detachable stub wristbands, or Vinyl Stub wristbands) "Bounce back" features. View some exciting new products below to see how they can help your sponsorship campaigns! Lenticular wristbands and Lenticular cards/posters etc.

Product Code: WB3D
Minimum Order: 500
Product Dimensions: Custom Size
Delivery Time: Indent

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