XpoTrack is an exciting new service available to EziTag customers.

Using your internet connected mobile device or even a laptop computer each member of your team will be able to access information about the attendees at your next exhibition event or trade show.

Learn More About XpoTrack

EziTag XpoTrack

To use the EziTag XpoTrack web application you'll need to be set up as a user. Once the event organiser has registered the exhibition or event with XpoTrack exhibitors will be able to access the user set up to begin your lead generation.

Then, at the conclusion of the event or conference, we'll consolidate this information for you into a single data file which you're able to upload into your in-house customer relationship management package or browse as a spread sheet.

Event organisers, please contact EziTag Systems to find your how to offer this service at your next event.

User Setup

XpoTrack Administrator Login

Administrators please login to create user logins for your exhibition or event and to configure your mobile application questions and other demographic information that you will collect during the exhibition or conference.

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